E Studio|九毛九集团联合办公室

参考造价:暂未填写| 空间:办公空间| 面积:1500平米| 浏览数:2437
E Studio|九毛九集团联合办公

When did humans begin to explore the territory around them?
1969, Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon for the first time.
2018, Februar y, The SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launched into space with Elon Musk's personal Tesla Roadster as its payload.
2020, For the first time, Jiu Mao Jiu International Holdings and E-studio partnered up to explore and experiment with the headquarters office space of Jiu Mao Jiu International Holdings.
E Studio|九毛九集团联合办公
九毛九集团成立于2005年,在中国拥有逾25年餐饮经营历史,九毛九集团的经营策略以多品牌及多概念策略为基调,除了以经典的“九毛九山西面馆”作起点之外,集团还通过创立不同风格的品牌服务多种客户群,至今,九毛九餐饮集团旗下包括 九毛九西北菜、太二、2颗鸡蛋、怂、那未大叔5个品牌。

Jiu Mao Jiu International Holdings, a Chinese restaurant group with chain management as its core, was established in 2005 and has 24 years of experience in F&B industry in China. The key management strategy of Jiu Mao Jiu International Holdings is based on having multiple brands and multiple concepts. Apart from the classic “ShanXi noodle restaurant” as a starting point, the Group has also created few different brands to cater to different levels of consumers. So far, Jiu Mao Jiu International Holdings operates 5 brands - Nine Mao Nice Northwestern china cuisine, Taier, Double Eggs, Song, The Uncle Chef.


Jiu Mao Jiu International Holdings encompasses different F&B sub-brands.
So E-studio came up with the concept of Galaxy where Jiu Mao Jiu International Holdings represents galaxy and its sub-brands represent the main planets. The idea is a cosmic world belonging to Jiu Mao Jiu International Holdings, where its headquarters space represents an ark and the exhibition hall contains the data of all the F&B sub-brands represented as planets. It is expected that visitors of the headquarters will be “riding on a cosmic ark", shuttle between the Jiu Mao Jiu sub-brands planets, moving around the entire galaxy.



The project is located in the area that used to be a horse racecourse in Tianhe District, Guangzhou. It used to be the main arena for horse racing and witnessed its glorious moments, the same as in Hong Kong.
E Studio|九毛九集团联合办公

We hope to reflect the strangeness of the established things through simple forms. The lobby entrance was inspired by a space satellite, floating in the sky. It is located at the entrance of Jiu Mao Jiu International Holdings office space to provide the direction to every “planet”.
E Studio|九毛九集团联合办公

We used foamed aluminum and stone at the entrance facade. We enlarged the base of the original structural column to an exaggerated scale. The aluminum foam interspersed with the column forms the shape of the satellite and at the same time acts as the barrier to the office on the second floor.

▽入口 /manuscript
E Studio|九毛九集团联合办公

The first thing to do inside the lobby was to to “break” the space between floors. In order to do this we covered the ceiling of the lobby with mirrored stainless steel, making the space look more transparent, filled with an infinite extension of axes that provide a striking visual impression.

▽前台/Front desk
E Studio|九毛九集团联合办公

A 10 meter long stone block is used in the lobby as a reception desk.The wall behind the desk is covered with acrylic luminous modules, letting the light stand out and be the center of attention rather than just a medium. In this way, the viewer's perception of space becomes distorted, because the environment seems endless. Mirror stainless steel on the ceiling combined with an acrylic luminous wall visually extends the space and creates the atmosphere of being inside the space station.

▽休息区/Rest area
E Studio|九毛九集团联合办公

At the same time, we integrated the concept of the galaxy into the office space, attempting to integrate information technology and art installations in this project, leaving the impression of mysterious, sci-fi space. In the lounge area, we put the planets on the wall as floating balls, just like the Universe in miniature, telling the story of the planets. The mirror ceiling screen shows the corporate culture of Jiu Mao Jiu as well as the concept of the black hole, which fits the galaxy theme concept.

Capsule (Reception)
E Studio|九毛九集团联合办公

The conference room is embedded in the space as a capsule and combined with multimedia system. E-studio created an experience of transcended technology through the fusion of artistic inspiration with science and technology. Rejecting boring, single brand content display, we attempted to visualize the brand's characteristics by means of multimedia technology, providing an interesting, interactive experience into unlimited imagination of the brand.

E Studio|九毛九集团联合办公

They wander among the stars in this body, they no longer build spaceships. They are already spaceships. But the age of the “machine body” will be over soon. In their never ending experiments, they know how to store knowledge in the available space, permanently condensing thoughts into lattices of light. They can become radioactive creatures. And finally get rid of the control of matter. — 2001 Space Odyssey

Lighting Wall(Hall)
E Studio|九毛九集团联合办公
The wall behind the reception desk is composed of 88 acrylic luminous modules, the lights on each piece can be individually controlled and each module can be disassembled for maintenance.

▽前台办公区域过渡空间/Front desk
E Studio|九毛九集团联合办公

Order and freedom, reason and civilization, the materials, and the ambient light that we used in the hallway path from the lobby to the working area create another spiritual world.
E Studio|九毛九集团联合办公

Inside the working area, we wanted to distance ourselves from the lobby, adding a more relaxed and intelligent atmosphere.

▽会议室/meeting room
E Studio|九毛九集团联合办公

We placed a glass box as the wall partition for the meeting room, which can also be used for writing, set the lights inside the box in order to meet the needs of the working space.

E Studio|九毛九集团联合办公
E Studio|九毛九集团联合办公
办公内部基本都是开放空间,需要容纳 100+ 的卡位,我们在空间中置入三个柜体将卡位进行分割,柜体通过几何窗口令不同区域的工作者保持自身空间舒适度的同时也保持视线上的情感和需求连接,柜体用不同的几何形体开口形成不同的功能用途,如展示柜、卡座、吧台等 . 将“工作场所”转变成舒适的“生活空间”,我们希望能够给予空间更多的内部可塑性与可能性,毕竟,“星系”中还有很多“星球”等着九毛九去发现 ......

The interior of the office is basically an open space with 100+ slots. We put three cabinets in the space to divide the slots. There are windows in the different zones of each cabinet, that let office workers maintain the comfort of having their own space and at the same time keep the much-needed emotional connection between workers.
The entrances of each cabinet are formed in different geometrical shapes that represent different functions, such as display case, deck, bar counter, etc, transforming the workplace into a comfortable living space. We hope to give the space more internal plasticity. After all, there are many more “planets” waiting to be discovered in the galaxy.
E Studio|九毛九集团联合办公
E Studio|九毛九集团联合办公
E Studio|九毛九集团联合办公
E Studio|九毛九集团联合办公
项目地点:中国 广州
项目面积:1500 m²
完成时间: 2020.10

Project name: Jiu Mao Jiu Group Office
Project location: Shenzhen, China
Project scale: 1500 m²
Completion time: 2020.10
Interior design: Ken Junjian, Zhou Xuanzhuo
Cooperative design: Hao Xingyun
Photographer: Zhang Chao



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