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案例简介 Case description
\"客户找到SAOTA,希望能够设计一个回应场地的家庭度假别墅,尤其是要注重景观。他们想要一个既令人放松也优雅的家。当许多客人在一起吹着口哨娱乐的时候能令人感到舒服,而当家里只有一个或者两个人的时候,也能让人感到亲密而惬意。”项目主管兼领队Phillippe Fouché如是说。其余驱使这幢建筑的概念组织的因素是景观,阳光,盛行风向以及区域参数。
Hovering over the dune and a stone throw from Robberg Beach in Plettenberg Bay, the design was conceived as a simple box which captures and frames the ocean view. The outer shell of the box is finished in a rough natural texture that references back to the dune, contrasting with the smooth reveal and soffit that tapers to create a delicate frame.

From the road, the scale of the house is modest, with living spaces concealed on a lower level. Strong horizontality is articulated in the entrance canopy, which is planted with indigenous shrubs cascading over the slab edge.

Taking advantage of the remarkable views - with Robberg peninsula to the south-east and the Outeniqua Mountains in the distance towards the north - the southern section of the house is higher and appears to be sliced off from the northern part in a sculptural way. This opening extends vertically through the building, washing northern light into the deeper spaces of the house. Lit from a skylight above, the stairs are delicately suspended in this void, also allowing views through it.

The geometry of the staircase continues as a diagonal line that extends the cantilevering entertainment terrace. The centrally-positioned kitchen serves the living spaces and northern courtyard. The kitchen volume opens upwards to the bedroom gallery, allowing northern light into the space.

Located on the lower terrace, the pool connects to the main entertainment spaces by means of a stone staircase, articulated as part of the plinth. With a water level that is slightly raised above the deck surface; a rim flow all round creates the impression that this reflective water body slots into the timber deck. This further creates unity between this refined, easy-flowing home and its natural surroundings.

Credits & Contacts:
Project name: Beachyhead
Project Location: Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
Architects: SAOTA
Project Architects: Phillippe Fouché & Mias Claassens,
Interiors: Cécile & Boyd
Project Photographer: Adam Letch


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