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案例简介 Case description

The beauty of luxury lies in the shape, the quality and the unique charm. Located in Shangcheng District of downtown Hangzhou, The RIVIERA MANSION Apartment Club draws on the BVLGARI’s design style and concept and emerges as a magnificent visual style of the space to show its luxury, and turns the texture of refined materials such as gold, jade, porcelain and stone into splendid quality, and integrates the Chinese and Western architectural aesthetics into its magnificent charm. All efforts bring about a new classic paradigm of the interior design of a modern city club.
会所大堂 Lobby


At the lobby of the club house, a marble background wall jumps into sight, of which the white jade color with high brightness stimulates positive visual impact. The smooth marble texture enriches the change of lines such as thickness, depth and lightness, and looks more resplendent against the light.

In order to enhance the elegant atmosphere, the reception desk is made of Black Marquina marble, which, together with the background wall, creates a harmonious and unified visual experience yet with strong contrast. The wall is accompanied by screens on both sides, of which the wired glasses weave the delicate lines. The outermost side is coupled with modern-style artwork, which lifts the overall spatial style ingeniously and inadvertently. 

The lobby embraces a well-arranged layout by deploying the background wall, screens, and artworks in order. From abstract to concrete and natural to artificial, emotions progress gradually in silence, and the designers’ sophisticated arrangements further sublimate the space atmosphere.
瑜伽房Yoga studio


Differentiated tactics are exerted to the yoga studio based on a traditional design. 

In this case, the designer takes a unique approach to making use of simple wooden grille screens to foster a magical dialogue between space and light. That means the different rotation angles of the grilles of the screen would help produce ever-changing reflecting light under the sun, leaving light and shadows scattered picturesquely. As the sun moves across the sky, it will dazzle you with the dynamic changes like a kaleidoscope.
健身房 Gym


A large area of the gym wall is decorated with khaki bird-eye wood panels, of which the delicate snakeskin texture establishes an overall atmosphere of the space that is simple yet elegant and graceful. As a Chinese saying goes that straightness, when extreme, looks crooked, and skills, when superb, looks clumsy, there is no need for redundant ornaments as the artistic conception is conveyed through the texture of the materials. This idea works in concert with the club’s concept that luxury and elegance coexist with restraint and modesty.

The application of mirror stainless steel of the canopy above the treadmill helps broaden the visual boundary, and further extend the entire space vertically, avoiding feeling dull and bored when owners are taking exercises. It takes into account both practical and ornamental values and strikes a perfect balance between the functional requirements and the aesthetic needs of the building.
更衣室Locker room


As for both the men\'s and women\'s locker rooms, customized metal embossed panels are used to offer a more substantial three-dimensional effect, and protect the privacy while eliminating the narrowness of the space. The mosaic wall, which serves as a highlight of decoration, conforms to the core atmosphere of the locker room, and adds ideological flexibility to the regular layout of the space as well. Concerning the subjective perception of the owners, strip lights are installed on the dressing table and the washbasin, showing the design concept of putting people first.
游泳池Swimming pool


A lot of details are utilized to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor of the swimming pool. The wall erecting at the end of the pool is adorned with colorful ribbons that are made of various plants in light green, dark green and reddish-brown, which looks distinctive from each other and serves as a unity that exudes strong visual impact as well as a fabulous natural presence. 

The visual perception of the plant wall is further reinforced by furnishing the wired glasses on both sides and the rippling mirror walls. The pool looks like a fairyland as the fiber optic lights form the pattern of the Milky Way on the light blue ceiling as if it is greeting its shadow in the water.

In reviewing the whole RIVIERA MANSION Apartment Club, the designers gave a flawless expression of the functions and characteristics of different areas with artistic creation as the carrier. The approach endows different areas with varied personalities, and more importantly, maintains a high degree of uniformity of the overall space style.

Guided by the concept of “Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily,” the designers remained faithful to the original aspiration of design and architectural aesthetics and strived to abandon the overelaborate piling of elements. They gave a full play to the dialogue among space, architecture, light and shades, materials and color by precise design language, unique perspective of design and novel design ideas. The designers took space as canvas and wood and stone as paintbrushes to vividly depict areal portrayal of modern elite life.

设计机构:RUMO DESIGN 如墨设计
设 计 师:李星星、韩震
项目面积:1625 m2
开 发 商:杭州滨江房产集团股份有限公司、杭州信达地产有限公司
摄 影 师:周志刚、金选民

Project name: Hangzhou RIVIERA MANSION Apartment Club
Location: The intersection of Wenchao Road and Qianjiang Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
Design firm: RUMO DESIGN
Chief designer: Jason Chen, Henry Cui
Design team: Xingxing Li, Zhen Han
Completion time: December, 2019
Area: 1625 m²
Main materials: Jade, mousse brown marble, mosaictile wall, plant wall, marble tile
Developers: Hangzhou Binjiang Real Estate Group Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Cinda Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Photographers: Zhigang Zhou, Xuanmin Jin

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