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案例简介 Case description
The store is located in Shaoxing, an ancient city with a flagstone road in Lu Xun\'s hometown as well as a French plane tree covering the sky.

Design concept:
(Traditional X Urban Combined bakery)
In some local cities, a store will drive the city through its own value. Shaoxing has an ancient history and culture, and we hope “cycle” can bring some new inspirations to the city through its own value. Local residents, tour riders, and cycle fans. Visitors can feel the integration of the culture of ancient Shaoxing City and the Japanese style space when they come to “Cycle”. Rather than a newly decorated bakery, we hope to express the charm of the city through the shop and tell everyone the story of “Cycle” and the city.

店铺的整体风格上运用了象征着本地的素材,外墙的仿古砖,石沙般的肌理漆,自然的老榆木,以及地面散铺的碎石。这些素材的交融可以让空间自带年份感,而不会随着年代的变换而过时。同时在造型上通过半圆的夸张门头,以及带有挑空的收银吊顶,使店面在风格上不失创新。室内用了简洁的墙壁和大量的风化木老榆木来体现日系面包店的风格,这不仅保留了绍兴本地的传统,也在传统中增加了cycle本身的特色。 The overall style of the shop uses materials that are symbolic of the local area, such as antique bricks on the exterior wall, texture paint like stone sand, natural old elm wood, and scattered gravel on the ground. The blending of these materials can make the space a sense of age, and will not be outdated with the change of years. At the same time through the semicircle exaggerated door head as well as with the empty cashier suspended ceiling, the store style does not lose innovation. Simple walls and a lot of weathered old elm wood are used in the interior to reflect the style of Japanese bakery, which not only retains the local traditions of Shaoxing city, but also adds the characteristics of “Cycle” itself in the tradition.


Form of the shop: With one side wall is used to display peripheral products, indoor wall with the whole French window puts bread on the other side, middle area displays for two island platform, still a simple Japanese style, using the simplest form of material to highlight the value of the bread, also expressing the “cycle” with the simplest form of ingredients and to highlight the value of the hand made bread where the visitors feel it all over at the entrance. The top of the cashier made a empty lattice glass, so that the space instantly sprout different scenery.

In this “cycle”, peripheral goods are added and drink menu as well. In order to enable guests to enjoy bread and drinks better, different forms of tables and chairs are placed indoors and outdoors respectively. This allows visiting guests not only to enjoy bread, but also to experience the atmosphere of the whole space through sight, touch and smell. The relationship between people, food and goods, region and culture should be realized.



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