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语笑人同坐,闲坐数留萤 。
People sit together while chatting and laughing, enjoying a slow and relaxing lifestyle.
When night falls, the hustle and bustle of the daytime fade away in the Instreet. Instead, the soft and natural light quietly calms and heals the people from fast-paced urban life. Under the clear and natural lighting, a father and his son rested and chitchatted there comfortably, feeling the closeness and return of spirit during the temporary stay.
△灯下闲坐的父子,father and son sitting under the light © TOPIA图派视觉

The Call of the Times for the Urban Spiritual Oasis

The rapid process of urbanization has greatly improved people’s living conditions, followed by the rapid pace of life and the sharp increase in mental stress. For the first-tier cities represented by Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, people have no time to linger in spaces with only basic functions. Therefore, it is urgent and necessary to build the urban humanistic space environment and to activate the emotional tolerance and vitality of space. It has become the call of the times for the urban renewal. In the urban renewal project of Beijing CR Land Galleria Shopping Center Instreet Renovation (hereinafter referred to as Instreet) in cooperation with Kokaistudios, PROL embedded human-oriented thinking, focusing on the emotional release of people in the lighting environment. Through active lighting design interventions in public space, PROL was committed to make Instreet an urban spiritual oasis with both functionality and quality.
△项目概览,general view © TOPIA图派视觉

Illumination Exploration of Instreet Renovation

Located in Chaoyang District, Beijing, Instreet is adjacent to a high-end residential community, where a number of business centers and traffic hinges gather here, serving as commercial, residential and working functions. The architectural design spawned streamlined paving and middle island from the river concept. Kokaistudios boldly removed redundant elements in space and improved the overall landscape. After the transformation, Instreet featured clear traffic line to meet the needs of surrounding residents and tourists, becoming a public street serving the community. After communication with Kokaistudios, PROL followed the same design concept, so that the light fit the architecture to create the best light environment experience of “city archipelago”, and to fully release the hidden value of light.
△项目区位,location © Kokaistudios
△改造前后的里巷鸟瞰,aerial views of the instreet before and after the renovation © 图源Kokaistudios 摄影师金伟琦

精致照明 赋能商业
Exquisite Lighting Empowers Business

照明的迭代探索首先发生在商业街内。里巷周边紧邻一片高档住宅社区,住宅区建筑表面实测亮度在0.25-1.25 cd/㎡之间,在这样的光环境下,嵌入一片高亮度的商业街区会直接破坏已经长时间建立起来的安静感受。由此,夜间灯光营造商业氛围的同时也要最大程度降低对住宅的影响成为设计第一要义。商业街的照明设计基调干净自然,整体亮度被妥善控制。设计师克制地将商业街和住宅区的亮度比设定在10:1,以达到整体视觉效果的平衡与和谐。考虑到采用彩色和动态光线对周边环境产生的光污染与噪音污染(人们与光线互动时产生的噪音),摒弃商业街区照明设计中这一惯用方法,因地制宜地采用纯净的白色和温暖的黄色来凸显空间整体的自然特质,营造更加生活化、轻松高级的休闲购物社交场所。
The exploration of lighting first took place in commercial streets. Instreet was next to a high-end residential community, and the measured brightness of the residential building surface was between 0.25-1.25 cd/m2. In such a light environment, embedding a high-brightness commercial block would destroy the quiet feeling that had been established for a long time. Therefore, it has become the most important concern of lighting design to create a commercial atmosphere while minimizing the impact on the residence. The lighting design tone of the commercial street was clean and natural, and the overall brightness was properly controlled. Te brightness ratio between the commercial street and the residential area was restrainedly set at 10:1 to achieve the balance and harmony of the overall visual effect. Taken into account of the light pollution and noise pollution (noise generated when people interact with light) caused by the use of colored and dynamic light, the project abandoned this common lighting method of commercial blocks, but adopted pure white and warm yellow to highlight the overall natural characteristics of the space. It finally created a more life-oriented, relaxing and upscale leisure shopping and social place.
△里巷照明效果图,illumination renderings of the instreet © PROL光石

The extended terraces of the shops on both sides designed by Kokaistudios provided more possibilities for the treatment of lighting relationship between the public space and individual shops. The signage was uniformly designed in a static and pure light-emitting method. The surface brightness was about 30-50cd/㎡ and the transmittance color temperature in the store was mainly 2700-3000K. A few stores can increase to 4000K or add a small amount of color change according to the brand demand. In this way, the shops on both sides form a continuous and smooth visual effect, which enhances the overall temperament of the shopping street. The logo at the main entrance is specially designed with color changing effects, highlighting the theme of urban renewal and creating a vivid attraction. As a result, a pure and unique commercial block without sacrificing taste and details was embedded in the city. Under the guidance of continuous light, people can linger freely in a relaxing and pleasant lighting atmosphere, creating more lasting commercial value for Instreet.
△改造后的里巷,instreet after renovation © 图源Kokaistudios 摄影师金伟琦
△沿街商业的照明融合,the lighting integration along the street © 图源Kokaistudios 摄影师金伟琦

隐性的光 疗愈情绪
Hidden Light Heals Emotions

△里巷照明设计概念,lighting design concept of instreet © PROL光石
△沉浸式的“城市州岛”光环境,immersive lighting experience of “city archipelago” © TOPIA图派视觉
△在景观雨篷网格造型下和绿树底部设置上照光线,seting up illumination under the canopies and at the bottom of the green trees © TOPIA图派视觉
△隐藏向下照射发光方式的景观灯柱 © TOPIA图派视觉
lamp posts with a hidden downward light-emitting method


① | 现场试验:盒子外围设置光线 表面最高亮度约75cd/㎡
② ③ | 现场试验:光线改至盒子内部 表面亮度约2.5-10cd/㎡
△白色孔板盒子,scattered white boxes © TOPIA图派视觉
△近景,closer view © TOPIA图派视觉

As a plenty of design details are blended, a complete “urban archipelago” light environment came into being. The carefully designed light which was formerly seen in resorts and high-end clubs came into the public space, allowing people to see their emotions, soothe their hearts, and perceive the plasticity of light in the carefully designed light and shadow environment. The natural and warm visual effects from various perspectives, as well as the immersive lighting experience that combined life and upscale flair, reshaped people’s perception of lighting design, and fit people’s pursuit and spiritual yearning for the urban lighting renewal.
△连续、有节奏的光线排布 © TOPIA图派视觉

Ingenuity to Build A Humanistic Lighting Environment

In the lighting design of Instreet, PROL has always insisted on careful and meticulous exploration from a humanistic perspective. The continuous and smooth light,the cleverly placed landscape lampposts, along with the surrounding lush trees aligned to enrich the depth of light and shadow levels. On the basis of satisfying the lighting function, they constituted the natural and comfortable lighting expression and design aesthetics of Instreet. PROL hopes that the light changes in the shopping street can come more from the flow of people: when people are attracted into the block by the quiet and comfortable light, some are shrouded in the light, some are standing near the light, and some are in the shadows. The interaction between people and light will form the most unique and attractive humanistic light and shadow environment.
△丰富的光影层次,rich light and shadow levels © TOPIA图派视觉

In the lighting design of Instreets, the designer focused on the urban humanistic needs, iterated the design method, explored the profound value of hidden light in urban renewal, and healed the urban space with light and shadow, creating a spiritual oasis in the busy city. When night falls, people are attracted by the soft light that overflows from Instreet, in which they stop and have a rest in the clear and natural light environment, and find a space of spiritual freedom in their busy city life. Nowadays, the core of urban renewal is not only limited to boosting the economic value of renovated plots, but also lies in the humanistic thinking embedded in the space. Taking the inner state of the people in the space as the starting point, this project meticulously built a comfortable, thoughtful and natural immersive light and shadow environment which can continuously stimulate the vitality of space. In the future, PROL will continue to have an insight into the deep calls behind from social and humanistic perspectives in urban renewal fields, centering on the exploration of the hidden value of light, and constructing a natural and comfortable light environment experience with ingenious design, thus, bringing more vitality to the urban space.
△细部,details © TOPIA图派视觉

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