无锡 VIA 佛蒙特国际学校

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无锡佛蒙特国际学校 THE VIA, WUXI


佛蒙特国际学校(简称 VIA)作为国际化精英人才的孵化基地,迄今在中国已创办6个校区。其中,由骏地设计的无锡校区,即将迎来第一批学生。

Vermont international academy, acting as an incubator for international elites, has founded six campuses in China. Designed by Jund, the Wuxi campus is going to welcome the first group of students.

▽功能介绍 function analysis
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The building has a total of four floors. The first floor is student sharing areas, with large staircases, libraries, music classrooms, art classrooms, physics & chemistry classrooms, and office areas. The second and third floors are mainly equipped with 16 standard classrooms. Shared communication space makes teachers and students communicate closer. The basement level is mainly a canteen and multi-purpose hall, and the rear kitchen area is completely configured.
无锡 VIA 佛蒙特国际学校_386

Under the mode of international educational light assets operation, the project has made full use of waste buildings by tearing down fussy decorations and makes the old hotel a nice school building.
无锡 VIA 佛蒙特国际学校_386

A bug stairway is added as a spatial core in order to merge different spatial layers and connect spaces together. The indoor spaces of the building was pretty dark for the sake of the inappropriate total length,but natural light is introduced into the building with the help of newly-added windows.
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Spatial elements which known as five houses helps to make the space vigorous and provides the students with nice learning atmosphere .

▽使用场景 library
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As the symbol of the library, the "five houses" symbolizes the five continents of the world, and also represents the comprehensive development of the students. Five little spaces shaped by the houses encourage being alone or sharing, passing by or staying, help the students to grow continually in such great ambient of knowledge and communications.

▽图书馆入口 library entrance
无锡 VIA 佛蒙特国际学校_386
▽学习区域 learning area
无锡 VIA 佛蒙特国际学校_386
▽走廊空间 corridor
无锡 VIA 佛蒙特国际学校_386
▽“五间屋”之一 the house
无锡 VIA 佛蒙特国际学校_386
▽使用场景 knowledge hub
无锡 VIA 佛蒙特国际学校_386

As an important spatial element, the big stairway connects the teaching block, the office block and the teacher's administrative block together and provides public spaces which encourage sharing and communication. The separated streamlines of students, parents, and teachers are weaved measurably. finding a harmonious balance between efficiency and pleasure.

▽空间细节 spatial details
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Different from the traditional study areas, this project is aimed at spatial enjoyment promotion. Classrooms are designed base on different functions which create spaces for listening, thinking alone and group discussions.

▽学习单元 learning unit
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The corridor is the main activity space. With the help of fancy colors and the communication corners, the original traffic space now plays a more positive role in chatting and discussions that makes the spirit of communication everywhere.

▽教学楼公区 public spaces
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Functional spaces represented by restrooms and the canteen are designed with springy visual style . The beautiful light colors and mosaic tile icons help to make the spaces more innocence and cozier, make the campus the home for teachers and the students.

▽卫生间 restrooms
无锡 VIA 佛蒙特国际学校_386
▽食堂 canteen
无锡 VIA 佛蒙特国际学校_386

Standing next to the Taihu, enveloped in the beautiful sunset, the building which was once the ruin now become the ocean of knowledge and the stage for young students growth.

▽校园一览 the campus
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The metamorphosis of the building and the development of students act as two tracks that composing one beautiful song, in which the core is the designer’s considerations of the space.

▽平面布置 plan
无锡 VIA 佛蒙特国际学校_386


Owner Name: Veritas (Shanghai) Infotech Co.Ltd.
Location: Binhu District,Wuxi City,Jiangsu.
Interior Design: JUND Architects
Cooperation Unit: Shanghai Interior Construction Group
Design team: Jane Fang,Alec Peng,Rex Chen,Steven Su.
Building area: 5,700 squaremeters
Photo shooting: Lamiphotos
Production of Expression: Alec Peng,Steven Su.



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